About Us

Hunter Care Group (HCG) is a Newcastle operated NDIS provider assisting people with disabilities or those who are disadvantaged due to life circumstances. We service families requiring respite care, youth who are in or out of home care and anywhere else our assistance may be required. HCG provides a wide range of strength based support services with the overall goal of increasing a client’s independence.
We endeavour to ensure that all clients receive personalised support by identifying their strengths and building upon those strengths to create equal opportunities in the community. Our fundamental approach is to build rapport with each client by treating them with respect and fostering positive relationships. We are personally committed to assisting our clients in achieving set goals and creating a vision for change.
Our mission is to help each client build on their individual capacities and create the skills required for a client to be able to contribute socially and economically in the community.


Our Core Values

Hunter Care Group is a unique organisation that endeavours to incorporate our core values with our clients. We strive to help our clients achieve positive outcomes and promote their independence in the community.  We believe that utilising a person centred approach with our clients creates the opportunity for skills to be developed and mastered as soon as possible. At Hunter Care Group we pride ourselves on being able to establish effective working relationships with our clients by working in harmony with our core values.



We believe that every individual deserves to be treated with respect regardless of his or her disability or life circumstance.  We endeavour to teach clients to respect themselves, others and expect to be treated with respect amongst members of their community.


We believe that each client should work towards independence by building on their capacities, teaching new skills and encouraging them to be self-sufficient.


We believe that every client has the right to be understood with regards to their life situation, personal needs, feelings and viewpoints.


We believe that every client has the right to be accepted as they are and feel accepted amongst members of their community.  


We believe in providing clients with strong leadership and positive role modelling to help guide them towards achieving their personal goals.  


Service Areas:

Hunter Valley
Port Stephens