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Specialist Coordination 


Why use Hunter Care Group for Specialist Coordination?

Hunter Care Group has a team of Specialist Coordinators who have worked in this capacity since the initial NDIS rollout in 2015. Specialist Cooridination is a service that must be provided with consistency and someone with great experience and University Degree level qualifications. 

What is Specialist Coordination?

Specialist Coordination focuses on supporting participants who are necessitated by high risks and have environmental complexities and/or beahvioural complexites. The overall goal of Specialist Coordination is to connect supports, and assist in implementing a specialised framework building capacity for indivduals with complex support requirements.

How do I obtain Specialist Coordination funding?

The NDIS describes Specialist Coordination as "time limited support coordination within a specialist framework". This funding must be specifcally implemented in a plan by the NDIA after an assessment of your support requirements is conducted.


NDIS Registered Provider Supplier Newcastle Specialist Coordination